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Mobile ESL and TESOL Team

Program Details

Would you like to partner with us?

Usually, students for these schools come far and wide.  Together, we will need to do some preliminary work to gather the students and  to make the schools a success.

Your Administrative Responsibilities:

1.  Dates: 

Together we need to set firm dates for the schools far enough in advance to allow time to advertise for students and to make all the necessary arrangements for visas and travel plans.

2. Financial decisions and transactions: 

Your expenses would include textbooks and supplies for TESOL, basic supplies and minor field trip expenses for ESL, and the expenses of bringing our team to your location (travel, food and lodging, and optional honorariums).

Your income would include any application fees, tuition charges, and any other charges for students that you decide to implement.  We would like to have the ESL class size to be between six and twelve students, and the TESOL classes to be between five and nine students apiece.

You would need to decide on student fees and tuition charges, and decide when and how they should be paid.    You would be in charge of handling all financial transactions.

3.  Advertising:

You would need to advertise for students using your website and/or through your usual channels of advertisement, using our email address as a contact number for potential students.

We also will advertise for students for your schools using our website and usual channels of advertisement.

4.  Communication:

We would like to be in contact with all potential students to answer their questions about the schools themselves, and to make final decisions as to their qualifications to enroll.

We would refer all questions not relating to our responsibilities to your contact person (e.g. visa, housing, transportation, payment plans).  We would ask  that potential students do receive answers to their questions in a timely manner, and that you keep us informed.

5.  Physical arrangements:

You would need to arrange for two classrooms, housing and food for students and for us, transportation to and from an airport, and perhaps occasional transportation for field trips.  We would need access to a copier, a printer, and to internet.