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Mobile ESL and TESOL Team


English!  All the world seems to want to learn English!  It is a felt need for so many people.  That means…it is an open doorway to relationship, for English speakers who are willing to teach.

But…many English-speaking workers have attempted to teach English…only to discover that being a native speaker does not automatically  make one a good teacher of English.

So… learn to teach English!  Become a skillful teacher.

Our TESOL course consists four weeks of intensive training in teaching skills.  It includes basic theories and methods of teaching English, intercultural communication for teachers, classroom management skills, how to work with different learning styles, how to conduct testing, principles of language acquisition, and the sounds and grammar of English itself.

An integral part of the training is the opportunity to practice teaching by working with the ESL students who are engaged in a twelve-week ESL program during the life of the TESOL school.

Upon successful completion of the course, the student will receive a TESOL certificate and supporting documents from the Institute for the Nations. These documents will become the key for opening opportunities to teach English in many settings, worldwide.

So…become an ESL teacher…a good one!

It will meet a real need among the people you serve.  It will open doors of opportunity to significant relationships both in the classroom and in the community.


You must be able to speak and write English sufficiently well to be able to teach it to others.  You do not have to be a native-English speaker, but this is not a course to improve your own English–no time for that, with all the teaching skills to be learned!

Applications and Costs:

Please email us at [email protected] to ask questions about the course and to ask for an application.

Costs are determined by the agency sponsoring the course at their location.  Normally, your costs would include travel, visas, tuition, and room and board.